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Agricultural Education


The Department of Agricultural Education is in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  The programs of study in Agricultural Education prepare students for entering careers working with people in a variety of settings.  These positions require preparation in basic sciences, technical agriculture, knowledge of the principles and techniques of the teaching-learning process, communication skills, and the ability to work with people. 

Degree Programs


 Undergraduate Degree


Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Technology Management Education (AGTE) 

  • Agricultural Education (Teaching)
  • Agricultural Systems Managment (Yuma-based program)
  • Agricultural Technology Managment
  • Leadership/Communication


Graduate Degree


Master of Science

  • Research
  • Professional Agriculture


Master of Agricultural Education

  • Master of Agricultural Education - Career & Technical Education
  • Master of Agricultural Education - Accelerated Program
  • Master of Agricultural Education - Practitioner
Expected Learning Outcomes: 

Student Learning Outcomes for the  AGTE Undergraduate Major

1. Explain personal protection equipment (PPE) used agriculture technology facilities

2. Identify appropriate processes used in projects fabricated from materials such as steel, wood, polyvinyl chloride.

3. Build electrical circuits for both alternating current (AC) systems and direct current (DC) systems.



Specific outcomes are noted for each of the undergraduate and graduate programs.



Assessment Activity

LO 1. LO 2.  LO 3.  LO 4. LO 5. Point in Program
AED 301



AGTM 100

Course Embedded Evaluation

x x        
AGTM 330

Course Embedded Evaluation

AGTM 350

Course Embedded Evaluation

x   x      
AGTM 351

Course Embedded Evaluation

AGTM 422






Assessment Activities: 




AGTM 100

  • Personal & Laboratory Safety Exams
  • Woodworking Skill Activities
  • Woodworking  Sawhorse Project
  • Oxyacetylene Cutt/Welding Skill Activities
  • Arc Welding Processes Skill Activities
  • Capstone Welding & Fabrication Project

AGTM 330

  • Sprinkler Project
  • Concrete Skill Activities
  • Rainwater Harvesting Activities
  • Turf Maintenance Equipment Skill Actvities

AGTM 350

  • DC Electrical Wiring Board Activities
  • Solar Water Pumping Activities
  • AC Electrical Wiring Board Activitites
  • Small Gas Engine Disassembly/Reassembly Activities

AGTM 351

  • Engine Maintenance Activities
  • Equipment Operation Activities
  • Industy-Interaction Activities
  • Equipment Research Presentation Activities
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