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Alumni Survey

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The School of Journalism maintains an extensive alumni network, and many students are provided internships or hired by alumni working for news organizations, government information offices, or other information industries throughout the country. These alumni provide continual feedback about the 11 student learning outcomes, from a professional perspective. They tell the School Director and faculty how well students do on employment tests, which explore general knowledge, critical thinking, information literacy, and writing, editing, and visual communication proficiency. Alumni tell the School how well students perform on the job, noting strengths and areas in which Journalism could provide additional instruction or experiential learning.This information provides a useful and comprehensive indirect measure of student learning. 

 In addition, every six years, the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications requires the School to contact every member of a specific graduating class, to ask about their job or graduate school history, and how effectively the School's teaching strategies and learning-outcome goals prepared students to contribute effectively in a knowledge-based society.