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Assessment Coordinating Council


  • Connect people who are actively involved in assessment in academic and supports units with resources that are available for assessment and to help units maximize the use of shared tools and resources;
  • Serve as a cross-campus forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and advice on methods and practices of assessment, including the value of assessment;
  • Provide information and expertise to help units use evaluation results to change and improve academic and support programs, including how to set student outcomes and goals that support courses, programs, and the whole university experience;
  • Keep the university community apprised of expectations for assessment, including expectations related to regional accreditation;
  • Communicate expected outcomes and results of assessment activities in accessible language and in multiple mediums for students, parents, and the public;
  • Advise the Provost and other administrators on matters related to assessment and evaluation;
  • Ensure the implementation of the University's assessment plan and to evaluate and revise the University assessment plan on a regular basis