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Animal Sciences: Graduate Programs


The Department offers both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Animal Sciences with areas of emphasis ranging from recombinant DNA technology to applied animal production. Graduates will have a comprehensive knowledge of the appropriate subject matter, effective written and oral communication skills, and methodological expertise that will enable the student to excel in their subsequent profession.

Expected Learning Outcomes: 

General Outcomes 

  • Thorough and comprehensive knowledge in respective area of study
  • Master the scientific process: ability to formulate hypotheses, ability to design experiments to answer unknowns, ability to analyze and interpret data, ability to coordinate findings to initiate future experiments, publish in peer reviewed journal
  • Obtain effective written and oral communication skills
  • Obtain experience in teaching
  • Obtain ability to work as a team
Assessment Activities: 

Ongoing assessment of the graduate students' desired set of outcomes is an integral part of the graduate degree process.  Students work closely through every step of the process with their major advisor and graduate committee from course selection to project design to the exams and presentations required as they complete their research and degree.

As each degree is very unique to that particular student and their chosen area of study, so too is the assessment and the methods used by those mentoring the graduate student. 

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