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Animal Sciences: Undergraduate Programs

Exit Surveys

Administered: Spring and Fall

This exit survey is conducted by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences' Office of Academic Programs (OAP) at the time the student files for degree candidacy. Information gathered is compiled by OAP and distributed to the student's major department.  Each department has the opportunity to create and add questions to the survey that are specific to their major.

The results provided show a snap shot of students' general perspectives of the College and the Department of Animal Sciences upon their graduation.  This information should be used to enhance the program of study by strengthening what works and making changes to any areas that are lacking.  Due to major restructuring currently underway in the Department, any action that is indicated given these particular findings, such as improvement in the area of advising, is being included in the planning process for the School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences.


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