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Entomology: Graduate Programs

Dissertation Defense

Administered: Once per degree program

Target Population: Ph.D. candidates

Following a 45 minute seminar for the whole department, the Ph.D. candidate is examined by his or her graduate committee. The Ph.D. defense centers on the dissertation.

Outcomes Measured

  • Critical thinking, reading and writing, and presentation in biology, including the ability to design experiments, the use of appropriate techniques in performance and analysis of experiments, writing publishable manuscripts, and presentation of results in a seminar and/or poster format.


This is the ultimate assessment of our Ph.D. candidates, and is a very high hurdle, driven by the expectations of the faculty and the students as well. Those students that are not capable or motivated to finish a Ph.D. do not get to this point, thus we see a very high standard of research and presentation in Ph.D. defenses.

Changes Made on Basis of Findings

No changes to this assessment activity are anticipated.

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