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Entomology: Graduate Programs

Exit Interview

Administered: After the student has received his or her degree

Target Population: Graduating M.S. and Ph.D. students

The Graduate Chair and Department Head meet with the departing student. While some assessment of the students breadth of knowledge and critical thinking skills is possible at this time, this interview is used more to get the student perspective on how successful the program was in meeting their expectations.

Outcomes Measured

  • Fundamental knowledge of Entomology, including a broad and thorough understanding of the diversity, ecology and physiology of insects.
  • Critical thinking, reading and writing, and presentation in biology, including the ability to design experiments, the use of appropriate techniques in performance and analysis of experiments, writing publishable manuscripts, and presentation of results in a seminar and/or poster format.


We just started to do this, but found it very useful in getting feedback on the student perspective on what we were doing right and what we could improve on.

Changes Made on Basis of Findings

From this and other channels we found our students were not satisfied with the number of graduate course offerings. We have substantially increased our course offerings.

Academic Degree Programs: