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Entomology: Graduate Programs

Graduate committee meetings

Administered: Annually

Target Population: Both M.S. and Ph.D. candidates

Graduate committee meetings are used to monitor students progress in their degree program. Students inform their committee of courses completed, grades achieved, and present their research progress.

Outcomes Measured

  • Critical thinking, reading and writing, and presentation in biology, including the ability to design experiments, the use of appropriate techniques in performance and analysis of experiments, writing publishable manuscripts, and presentation of results in a seminar and/or poster format.
  • Fundamental knowledge of Entomology, including a broad and thorough understanding of the diversity, ecology and physiology of insects.


The findings are not recorded, but committee meetings provide opportunities for intervention by the committee in the direction of the student's research, and for counseling on course choices. These meetings are generally extremely useful to the student. Because graduate committees are held by independent subsets of the Faculty, there is not one group evaluating the progress of one student. During committee meetings some students have mentioned that the course offerings are too limited.

Changes Made on Basis of Findings

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