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Entomology: Graduate Programs

Thesis Defense

Administered: Once per degree program

Target Population: All M.S. candidates

Following a 45 minute seminar for the whole department, the M.S. candidate is examined by his or her graduate committee. The M.S. defense centers on the thesis research, but unlike the dissertation defense, the committee may also determine the breadth and depth of the candidate's knowledge of general topics in Entomology.

Outcomes Measured

  • Critical thinking, reading and writing, and presentation in biology, including the ability to design experiments, the use of appropriate techniques in performance and analysis of experiments, writing publishable manuscripts, and presentation of results in a seminar and/or poster format.
  • Fundamental knowledge of Entomology, including a broad and thorough understanding of the diversity, ecology and physiology of insects.


Generally, our students give excellent seminars and are very broad in their knowledge of Entomology. However, there have been a few exceptions in presentation quality that have made us think that students need to have practice in presentation skills required.

Changes Made on Basis of Findings

Presentations that did not meet the expected standards have in part prompted the institution of the presentation requirement (see the Changes Made on the Basis of Findings for the "Presentations of Research" assessment category).

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