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Nutritional Sciences

Nutritional science is the study of nutrition and foods -- in health and disease, humans and animals. Courses cover nutrition education, dietetics, nutritional evaluation, and nutritional biochemistry. Nutritional science combines medicine, food chemistry, cell biology and biochemistry with a focus on nutrition and foods. Students may specialize in either dietetics or nutrition. The Dietetics specialization prepares students to apply for Dietetic Internships to become Registered Dietitians (RD). RD's work in governmental agencies, industry, and in health care facilities as administrative and clinical dietitians, food service managers, and nutritional consultants. The Nutrition specialization prepares students for graduate and professional schools, for careers in the food and food supplement industries, and for technical positions in nutrition research. Students have also been accepted to pharmacy schools, dental schools, naturopathic medical schools, physician assistant programs and a wide variety of graduate programs in nutrition, public health and biochemistry.
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