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Soil, Water, and Environmental Sciences: Graduate Programs


The SWES graduate program is designed to produce scientists and professionals that have a thorough understanding of advanced principles related to environmental, soil, and water science. The program provides opportunities for education and training in integrating biological, chemical, earth, and physical sciences toward the solution of environmental and agricultural problems.

Expected Learning Outcomes: 

Expected Learning Outcomes for SWES Graduate Students:

1.  Graduates should possess sound foundational knowledge in the biological, chemical, earth, and physical sciences as related to environmental systems.

2.  Graduates should demonstrate critical thinking skills necessary to evaluate the scientific literature essential for her/his research area and articulate how her/his research fits into and/or advances the discipline.

3.  Graduates should demonstrate development of creative and innovative research ideas and approaches.

4.  Graduates use multiple research approaches to collect scientific data related to her/his research area, and can interpret, analyze and critique his/her data.

5.  Graduates communicate her/his research (importance, approaches taken, summary and interpretation of results) effectively through oral presentation.

Assessment Activities: 

Regular or Recurring Activities

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