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Soil, Water & Environmental Science: Graduate Programs

Faculty review of student progress

Administered: Continuous

Target Population: All MS and PhD candidates

New Students

  • GRE scores of enrolled students.
  • Previous GPA (B.S. and/or M.S.)
  • Minority recruitment.
  • Comprehensive examination during the first four semesters (for the doctoral program only).

Continuing Students

  • Course performance (GPA).
  • Preliminary written and oral examination (for the doctoral program only).
  • Presentation requirement at the department seminar.
  • Final oral defense (thesis and dissertation).
  • Retention statistics and length of stay to obtain degree.


  • Employment statistics.
  • Peer-reviewed publications.
  • Overall success of graduates in industries and academia.

Overall Evaluation

  • Academic Review Committee.
  • Faculty meetings and faculty retreats.

Annual examination of graduate and undergraduate program by faculty, staff and students. Each spring we use the interactive room in McClelland Hall to examine our graduate and undergraduate programs. We solicit comments beforehand and then ask all to write anonymous comments that all can read and respond to. This has proven to be a valuable exercise to be sure that the departments’ academic programs are meeting the needs of the students and the objectives of the department.

Future Improvement

  • Exit interviews
  • Alumni Survey
Academic Degree Programs: