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School of Architecture Graduate Programs


Our accredited professional degree prepare graduates for leadership and disciplinary innovation as well as professional registration. We focus our curricula into five areas of critical professional practice:

  • Studio: To design comprehensively and synthetically, inclusive of other disciplines, and in tune with climate and setting.
  • Technology: To design in response to, and taking inspiration from, technological criteria, materiality, and constructability—and, working towards a post-carbon paradigm for environmental sustainability.
  • Design Communications: To critically and innovatively engage with digital and analogue tools to explore and communicate architectural propositions.
  • History+Theory: To research, analyze, and appreciate the historical and theoretical traditions of the discipline, with particular understanding of their practice impact.
  • Professional Practice: To understand, engage, and critically appraise professional practices, with particular commitment to ethical standards, environmental impact, and civic outreach.

MS.Arch—Design + Energy Conservation
MS.Arch—Heritage Conservation
MS.Arch—Independent Option

The Master of Science in Architecture (MS.Arch) is a post-professional research degree devoted to applied research in the built environment. With a flexible curriculum of approximately three semesters, students pursue an individually prescribed curriculum in one of three tracks.
A principal goal of this post-professional program is to expand the breadth of expertise available to architects and increase the range of job opportunities, across private, public, and academic arenas, for students who have already completed a basic professional degree.

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