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Annual Health & Wellness Survey

Administered: Fall semester (annually)

Target Population: Cross-section (Freshman – Senior, Greek/non-Greek, Athlete/non-Athlete) of the U of A undergraduate student population.

Participation Rate: 3,100 randomly selected U of A undergraduate students

A U of A student survey conducted annually by the CHS Health Promotion and Preventive Services unit to determine levels of risky behavior and lifestyle choices involving a cross-sectional sample of undergraduates. Note: This data is used to construct social normative messaging and allows the CHS to more effectively manage the environment using factually based information.

Outcomes Measured

  • Using “Social Norming”, environmental management and educational counseling to reduce risky behavior amongst the UA student population and encourage healthy lifestyle choices in areas of alcohol use, tobacco use, sexual health and nutrition.


See “confidential” attachment.

Changes Made on Basis of Findings

Surveyed 3,100 randomly selected U of A undergraduates representing Freshman – Senior level students including: Greek, non-Greek, Athletes, non-Athletes, International, commuter and residential students.
Evaluated data to determine risky behavior levels in areas such as: alcohol use, tobacco use and sexual activity.
Utilized results of data evaluation to develop normative messaging for U of A campus community and offer enhanced ability to the CHS to manage the environment.

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