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Sexual Assault/Relationship Violence awareness/education program

Administered: Fall and spring orientation programs (twice annually).

Target Population: Incoming Freshman and Transfer students to the U of A.

Participation Rate: 6% of all incoming freshman and transfer students to the U of A

The CHS Oasis Center for Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence provides a focused educational experience and raises the level of awareness regarding these behaviors.

Outcomes Measured

  • Provide educational/awareness training on Sexual Assault/Relationship Violence to 95% or more of the incoming freshman or transfer students to the University of Arizona.


Because the Oasis component was not required at New Student Orientation in Aug '05, the number of students receiving a focused educational presentation to raise awareness regarding sexual assault and relationship violence dropped from 96% to 6 % of incoming students.

Changes Made on Basis of Findings

This resulted in noticeable reduction in services requested. We expect this to be rectified in the 06-'07 year, when the Oasis Program will again be offering a MANDATORY session in New Student Orientation.
It is of note that because providers are often fitting in these consults in between patients, they frequently do not get recorded, thus these numbers likely represent a significant underestimate in the actual number of consults, and also do not include consultations done between CAPS professionals and other medical providers at CHS, which involve a significant amount of provider time.
Additionally, 144 outreach/presentation events occurred, reaching an estimated 1500 students.

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