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Higher Education: Graduate Programs

Rubric - Masters Core Knowledge

Administered: Annually

Target Population: Masters Students

Masters Core Knowledge

Rating scale
(1=unacceptable; 2=needs improvement, 3=satisfactory, 4=good, 5=excellent)
content understanding understanding of concepts and theories

Core class

Summary Sheet

Average score for content understanding ____
Average score for understanding of concepts and theories ____

Any key content or conceptual areas on which students appear to be deficient:

Any plans for changing the course or the curriculum:

Outcomes Measured

  • MA Core Knowledge: Each year the faculty will meet to discuss the results of a random sample of 15% of the written comprehensive masters exams done that year, focusing on students’ performance on the question regarding the core class. Utilizing a rubric that addresses key content and conceptual understandings of the core class, faculty members will rate the performance of students who took the exams on a five point Likert scale, and discuss the extent to which masters students are developing and demonstrating key conceptual and content understandings being taught in the core course. A summary of the tallies for each of the outcomes, as well as any plans for changing the course or curriculum as a result of the discussion will be provided on a summary sheet.
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