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Higher Education: Graduate Programs

Rubric - PhD Core Content Knowledge*

Administered: Annually

Target Population: Doctoral Students

PhD Core Content Knowledge*

Rating scale
(1=unacceptable; 2=needs improvement, 3=satisfactory, 4=good, 5=excellent)
content understanding understanding of concepts and theories

Core class a

Core class b

Core class c

* the program is in the process of reviewing and revising the core courses, and determining whether to change the core areas that are focused on.

Summary Sheet

Average score for content understanding ____
Average score for understanding of concepts and theories ____

Any key content or conceptual areas on which students appear to be deficient:

Any plans for changing the courses or the curriculum:

Outcomes Measured

  • PhD Core Knowledge: Each year the faculty will meet to discuss the results of a random sample of 15% of the written comprehensive exams done that year, focusing on students’ performance on the commons questions regarding the core classes. Utilizing a rubric that addresses key content and conceptual understandings in each of the core classes, faculty members will rate the performance of students who took the exams on a five point Likert scale, and discuss the extent to which doctoral students are developing and demonstrating key conceptual and content understandings being taught in the core courses. A summary of the tallies for each of the outcomes, as well as any plans for changing the curriculum as a result of the discussion will be provided on a summary sheet.
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