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Higher Education: Graduate Programs

Rubric - PhD Research Methods Knowledge

Administered: Annually

Target Population: Doctoral students

PhD Research Methods Knowledge

Rating scale
(1=unacceptable; 2=needs improvement, 3=satisfactory, 4=good, 5=excellent)

sampling res des data gath data anal inter of data res ethics limits of res




Summary Sheet

Average score for sampling ____
Average score for research design ____
Average score for data gathering ____
Average score for data analysis ____
Average score for interpretation of data ____
Average score for research ethics ____
Average score for understanding the limitations of the research ____

Any key areas in which students appear to be deficient:

Any plans for revising the methods and design courses or the curriculum:

Outcomes Measured

  • PhD Knowledge and use of Research Methods: Each year the faculty will meet, and after reading a sample of 15% of the dissertations from the past two years, they will rate them on a rubric, and discuss the extent to which doctoral students are developing and demonstrating key skills in research methods and design. The rubric will focus on the extent to which the dissertation demonstrates an understanding of appropriate sampling methods, research design, data gathering processes, data analysis techniques, interpretation of the data, understanding of research ethics, and of the limitations of the research. The rubric will include a rating for each of these outcomes on a five point Likert scale. A summary of the tallies for each of the outcomes, as well as any plans for changing the curriculum as a result of the discussion will be provided on a summary sheet.
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