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Rehabilitation and Special Education, BS


The undergraduate program in Special Education and Rehabilitation (Rehabilitation Emphasis) requires a student to complete 120 credit hours of coursework synthesizing the general knowledge about disability studies and disability services, as well as skills necessary for specific work settings in rehabilitation.  In addition to academic assessments such as written exams and papers/projects, the applied, clinical 3-credit fieldwork is regarded as the important assessment of the development and application of skills to provide entry-level disability-related services.

Expected Learning Outcomes: 

By completion of the undergraduate program in Special Education and Rehabilitation, a student will:

  1. Describe, compare, and contrast the major models of disability and their application.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge and basic interviewing/helping skills and engage in accurate self-critique.
  3. Understand the types of services, agencies, and develop a tentative plan for matching student interests and abilities with future rehabilitation-related careers.
Assessment Activities: 

The following assessment activities will be used to gather program-level assessment data. 

Course in the Major

Assessment Activities

Outcome #1

Disability Models

Outcome #2

Knowledge and Micro-skills of interviewing/helping

Outcome #3

Knowledge of rehabilitation services and related Career

SERP 200

Disability in the Film Assignment




SERP 481

Interview Project




SERP 483

Fieldwork Evaluation




SERP 414

Final Grade





Assessment Findings: 

Summarized Rubric Averages from the “Disability in the Film Assessment” (see Appendix A) and Field Work Evaluation Form (Appendix B). The rubric was developed by the faculty. Rubrics for other projects will be developed by faculty in the program. The table below shows the format in which the summary data will be presented.


Outcomes Measure

            Mean Yearly Score

Developed resume and endorsed by the career counselor at the university career counseling center

   #3 From SERP 483


              Spring 2017, N=27

            A: 25   B: 1   C: 1  

Demonstrate skills for working with individuals with disabilities

   #2 From SERP 481



    #2/#3 From SERP 483

                Fall 2016, N=26

            A: 16   B: 8   C:1  W: 1

               Spring 2017, N=27

            A: 25  B: 1   C: 1 

Demonstrate knowledge for disability models

   #1  From SERP 414


                Fall 2016, N=38

        A: 26   B: 7   C: 2   D: 2   E: 1  

               Spring 2017, N=36

        A: 30   B: 5   C: 0   D: 0   E: 1 


   #1 From SERP 200 



                Fall 2016, N=81

        A: 46   B: 25   C: 8   D: 0   F: 2



Change in Response to Findings: 

Based on student results of the assessment above, faculty discuss the findings at the faculty meeting periodically.  Changes can then be made to the rubric for the following semester. Faculty develop rubrics for each of the other assessment activities and implement those changes in the Summer or Early Fall semesters, and re-evaluate the following year. Please see the following attached rubric for different asseement measures.

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