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Management & Organizations


The Department of Management and Organizations offers a BSBA in Management and a Ph.D. in Management. Our undergraduate program teaches the common elements present in management careers across industries and enterprises. Our courses collectively teach how organizations form and behave, the laws that influence what managers can and should do, and the skills that managers generally need in topics ranging from selection to negotiation.

The mission of the Department of Management and Organizations is to help prepare students to become effective managers by exposing them to a cross section of the issues that managers confront. In this regard, our classes are designed to compel critical thinking and problem solving, emphasize teamwork, and build life-long independent learners.


Expected Learning Outcomes: 

Assessment activities for both the undergraduate and graduate programs are made up of three components:

  • Expected student learning outcomes which reflect the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that the faculty within the Management and Organizations department consider most important for student learning.
  • Rubric-scored direct measures for each learning outcome.
  • Reflective indirect measures that use self-report survey data for each learning outcome.

The specific expected learning outcomes differ for the undergraduate and graduate programs.  Please refer to those pages for the specific lists of learning outcomes, assessment activities, assessment findings and recommendations suggested by those findings.

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