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The School of Art is devoted to a rigorous and dynamic education in the visual arts, challenging students to think, research, produce, and teach art critically with an awareness of historical context as well as contemporary practices. We are committed to preparing students for careers in Studio Art, Art History and Art and Visual Culture Education in an increasingly diverse and technological world. We provide distinguished undergraduate, graduate and doctoral instruction that emphasizes critical thinking in all aspects of learning, excelling in creative and scholarly research while striving to expand and diversify our curricular and program offerings.

The School of Art is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art & Design.

Undergraduate Programs of Study:

 Graduate Programs of Study:


All undergraduate and graduate students must be admitted to the School of Art as majors prior to taking any course work. Each degree program (BA, BFA, MA, MFA, PhD) has specific application requirements, such as portfolio reviews, written essays, a letter of intent, and letters of recommendation.


Expected Learning Outcomes: 

Undergraduate and Graduate student outcomes are evaluated based on set criteria within each program including:

  1. Passing Master's Oral's Thesis and PhD. Comprehensive and Dissertation defense exams
  2. Successful completion of Master's Thesis, Master's Exam, or Dissertation manuscripts
  3. Meeting BFA and MFA Final Exhibition requirements
  4. Teaching certification from the State of Arizona for Art and Visual Culture Education graduates
Assessment Activities: 

Many of the School of Art's assessment findings and changes are in response to recommendations made in our 2004 Academic Program Review and NASAD accreditation outcomes. In the fall of 2006, the School of Art began it's Holistic Admissions Review for all undergraduate programs, setting admissions requirements and criteria appropriate to each division.

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