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BA in Theatre Arts -- Teacher Certification option


 The BA Teacher Certification Option promotes quality, culturally relevant drama and theatre teaching and learning on multiple levels. The primary focus of the Teacher Certification program is on the preparation of certified theatre teachers and artists for diverse settings (7-12); but teaching and learning in elementary settings, (K-6) is also addressed. The Teacher Certification program also promotes professional development opportunities for in-service teachers in schools and other settings and takes a leadership role in drama and theatre teaching and learning research and scholarship nationally and internationally. As of April 2011, The Teacher Certification Option is closed for enrollment of new students.

Expected Learning Outcomes: 
1. Students in the Theatre Teacher Certification are expected to meet the Arizona Professional Teacher’s Standards. 
2. Students who have completed the Teacher Certification program will be prepared to be 
  • teacher-leaders
  • confident, competent, and caring teachers and artists.
  • able to teach and do drama and theatre with their students.
  •  life-long reflective learners.


Assessment Activities: 

Assessment Tool #1

In order to demonstrate learning outcome #1, graduates of the BA Teacher Certification Option must pass the Arizona Educator’s Proficiency Exam (AEPA) to be eligible for Arizona Licensure. There is a 100% pass rate for this exam.

Use of Assessment Results:

All assignments in the education strand for the Theatre Teacher Certification students are referenced to the Teacher Standards.  Students build their understanding and competencies for the standards as they move through their program of study.  Students generally have the opportunity to submit drafts first of major assignments to enable competency on a performance measure such as a unit plan.  The Teacher Certification Program Coordinator  is the primary faculty member assessing student work in the Theatre Education courses.


Changes Made Based on Assessment Results:

Course Assignments are constantly reviewed and updated to keep current with major trends and with student needs.  Often student problems during the student teaching semester lead to changes in the methods classes.


Assessment Tool #2

In order to assess student learning outcome #2, students submit a portfolio at the completion of student teaching and give a public presenation of the portfolio demonstrating their competencies in each area.


Use of Assessment Results:

Students and the Teacher Certification Program Coordinator have the opportunity to note progress toward the degree and steps toward meeting the program outcomes.  The shared nature of the portfolio and reflections encourages students to learn from each other.


Changes Made on Assessment Results:

Students not making good progress are mentored to help them improve and sometimes asked to reassess their commitment to teaching as a career.



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