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Applied Mathematics Graduate Interdisciplinary Program


Applied Mathematics is the embodiment, par excellence, of natural philosophy -- the quantification and unification of the world around us through mathematical and computational models. Mathematics is the universal language of all the sciences that can be used to gain insights and make predictions in many fields. Successful interdisciplinary applied mathematicians must not only have a rigorous training in mathematics, but also the ability to master the diverse disciplines to which they apply their tools, and to have an appreciation of the methodologies and interpretation of laboratory data.

The goal of the Program in Applied Mathematics at the University of Arizona is to prepare students, through a demanding and unique program of course work and research in mathematics and its applications to diverse disciplines, for careers in academia, industry, government and education. In addition to a high standard of technical ability, students must learn to be critical and creative thinkers, and outstanding communicators.

Expected Learning Outcomes: 

Department-Specific Outcomes

  • A rigorous training in mathematical and computational methods
  • Interdisciplinary training in at least one field of application
  • Ability to think critically and creatively
  • A sense of good taste in research problems
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • A diverse portfolio of teaching experiences
  • High standards of professional conduct
  • A dissertation to be proud of
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