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GPA in additional upper-division courses in Greek, Latin, or Classical Civilization

Administered: Annually

Target Population: All majors

Participation Rate: 100%

GPA effectively measures the aptitude of all students majoring in Classics (Greek, Latin, and Classical Civilization emphases). Students regularly take additional upper-division courses beyond those needed for the degree. This assessment tool helps us to identify and track highly motivated students on an individual basis.

Outcomes Measured

  • The ability to contribute to a culturally diverse global community.
  • The ability to identify and discuss archaeological and literary milestones in their historical, cultural and artistic contexts.
  • The ability to identify and discuss ways in which cultural and/or social behavior differs in the ancient world according to age, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background, religion, and/or geographic region.
  • The ability to identify and discuss some problematic aspects of the classical cultures in terms of their origins, development, and consequences.
  • The ability to identify and discuss some influences of the classical cultures on other cultures around the world.
  • A broad understanding of the cultural, literary, and linguistic influence of the ancient Mediterranean world both in its ancient context and in cultural traditions derived from Mediterranean antiquity.
  • A language-learning environment, and other learning environments, in which all students are at approximately the same level in order to facilitate learning.


Findings available: May 2013

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