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Placement examinations in Latin and Ancient or Modern Greek

Administered: New Student Orientations

Target Population: New majors and minors; all students interested in Ancient Greek, Latin, or Modern Greek

Participation Rate: 100%

All entering freshmen or transfer students who have taken one of these languages elsewhere are required to take the placement examination if they wish to be placed in one of our language programs. Based on those results, students are recruited into the major and minor programs in the Department of Classics.

Outcomes Measured

  • Development of reading skills at the Basic and Intermediate levels. Students who exceed these levels are assigned to courses at the Advanced level in the target language.
  • A language-learning environment, and other learning environments, in which all students are at approximately the same level in order to facilitate learning.


The placement exams allow us to identify the needs of all our students and to place them in classes at the appropriate level in our three language programs. These exams permit us to work as closely as possible with all our students in classes that are appropriate to their abilities. A significant number of our majors and minors come from the Basic and Intermediate level courses.

Academic Degree Programs: