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BFA in Theatre Education


The School of Theatre Arts Teacher Certification program promotes quality, culturally relevant drama and theatre teaching and learning on multiple levels. The primary focus of the Teacher Certification program is on the preparation of certified theatre teachers and artists for diverse settings (7-12); but teaching and learning in elementary settings, (K-6) is also addressed. The Teacher Certification program also promotes professional development opportunities for in-service teachers in schools and other settings and takes a leadership role in drama and theatre teaching and learning research and scholarship nationally and internationally.

Students who have completed the Teacher Certification program will be prepared to be
·     teacher-leaders
  • confident, competent, and caring teachers and artists.
  • able to teach and do drama and theatre with their students.
  •  life-long reflective learners.
The UA Mission statement, “To discover, educate, serve and inspire” describes the role that classroom teachers play in any subject area and on any grade level. Graduates of the UA Theatre Teacher Certification program in meeting the stated goals for their program of study also meet the UA mission.
Expected Learning Outcomes: 

# 1 Students in the Theatre Teacher Certification are expected to meet the Arizona Professional Teacher’s Standards.


# 2. Students must pass the Arizona Educator’s Proficiency Exam (AEPA) to be eligible for Arizona Licensure. 
#3. Students submit a portfolio at the completion of student teaching demonstrating their competencies in each area.

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