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BA in Art History


Through critical engagement with existing scholarship and art historical theories and methods, the Art History division offers comprehensive studies of the history of art and architecture. Students will gain an extensive understanding of both historical and contemporary western visual culture, from Ancient to Contemporary art and architecture. Writing, research and critical thinking skills are fostered in all classes.

The faculty is committed to delivering a quality academic experience. Through thoughtful teaching and mentoring, the goal of the Art History division is to provide learning that is as supportive as it is professional and as nurturing as it is dynamic. The undergraduate art history BA program prepares students for further work in graduate programs or art related careers, and graduate MA, Ph.D. and Museum Studies Certificate programs prepares students for careers in museum work, teaching, and other art-related careers.


Expected Learning Outcomes: 

1. Graduates with a BA in Art History will have attained a broad knowledge of art historical monuments, art historical vocabulary and key concepts.

2. Graduates with a BA in Art History will have mastered basic research and writing skills appropriate to the field.

3. Graduates with a BA in Art History will have attained a high level of critical thinking and analysis of art historical literature.

Assessment Activities: 

Assessment Tool #1: Learning Outcome #1 will be assessed through midterm and final examinations, and quizzes.

Assessment Tool #2: Learning Outcome #1, #2, and #3 will be assessed through research papers and other written assignments with a research component.

Assessment Tool #3: Learning Outcome #3 will be assessed through participation in class discussions and written evaluations of assigned reading.


Use of Assessment Tool #1, #2, #3: Art History faculty regularly assess student outcomes using these tools to evaluate their program's effectiveness. On-going discussions determine whether programmatic changes are necessary, including course modifications, adding new course offerings covering important trends in the field to the existing curriculum, and the addition of Honor's College sections to existing course break out sections.

Changes Based on Assessment Results:

  • Course modifications for ARH 321 + ARH 324 to meet the University's requirements for General Education Tier 2 Courses, opeing up recruitment opportunities for the program and serving the UA community.
  • Addition of ARH 325 History of Modern Architecture as a new course in the Art History area and as a General Education Tier 2 course.
  • Addition of ARH 426a European Art Since 1945 to expand curricular offerings.
  • Development of ARH 201 Survey of Western Art in Society: Prehistory through Gothic into a distance learning, web delivered course to better meet the needs of students.
  • Adding ARH 498 as a stand alone Senior Capstone experience for the program.


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