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BA in Studio Art


The Bachelor of Art in Studio Art degree is a broadly constructed liberal arts program where students develop an appreciation of the role that the visual arts and culture play in society. Students choose their primary academic area of emphasis, as well as a required minor. The minor area is chosen to compliment the major area of study, preparing students for a wide range of careers beyond the studio.


Expected Learning Outcomes: 

1. Understand the value of artistic inquiry as a mode of thinking and discovery

2. Extensive exposure to a range of technical processes and media

3. Acquire a breadth of knowledge concerning the history of art as well as contemporary art practices

4. Possess the skills and knowledge that can be applied to art related professions as well as disciplines outside of art

5. Acquire the cultural awareness and problem-solving skills to engage with society in meaningful ways


Assessment Activities: 

Assessment Tool #1

Outcomes #1 and 2 will be measured through the discussion and display of projects during in-class critiques,  presentations, and final portfolio evaluation.

Assessment Tool #2

Outcome #3 will be assessed through written research papers, class presentations, quizzes and exams.

Assessment Tool #3

Outcomes #4 and 5 will be assessed through semester projects, internship and independent coursework evaluations, and required attendance at Visiting Artists and Scholars lecture and exhibition series events.

Use of Assessment Tools #1, #2, #3:

Studio Art and Art History faculty combine to provide feedback and recommendations pertaining to critique and exam results of BA Studio Art students. These student outcomes provide the basis for assessment of the degree, including how these students matriculate through each division's curriculum offerings, their ability to access upper division coursework, and their preparedness for graduate work or employment after earning the BA Studio Art degree.


After undergoing our Academic Program Review and NASAD accredidation review simultaneously in 2004, recommendations in spring 2005 were to further distinguish the BA Studio Art degree from our BFA professional degree. Student enrollments in this degree program made up two- thirds of the total enrollments in the Studio Art area, with BFA numbers at one-third. Faculty guided the decision to downsize the BA Studio numbers and attract more students into the BFA Studio Art areas by allowing immediate access into the BFA programs through the new Holistic Admissions process instead of requiring all students to enter the school as BA Studio Art majors and then portfolio up to the BFA.

Changes Based on Assessment Results:

School of Art faculty revised the BA Studio Art degree curriculum to better suit a generalist liberal arts focus and eliminated 400-level  studio art requirements for the BA degree. Faculty added a capstone course: ART 496a Career Development for Visual Artists to better serve these students, many of which will focus on arts-related careers instead of a studio artist specialization. Updated requirements were effective in the 084 Academic Catalog. This change in  degree requirements is now more closely aligned with student expectations and the job market.



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