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UA Assessment Showcases

Last Modified Date: 
  • After assessment and feedback from the roundtable presentations and discussions at the 2013 Showcase, it became apparent that our people needed more hands-on workshops than showcasing of the existing programs.  Therefore, the Showcases were discontinued and more emphasis was placed on APR workshops and Gearing Up workshops by OIA.
  • Showcase 2013:  This year’s showcase featured brief presentations by campus assessment leaders and table discussions facilitated by UA faculty members who have been meeting together to learn about best practices in student learning outcomes assessment.
  • Showcase 2012: The annual UA Assessment Showcase on April 17, 2012 showcase featured a presentation by keynote speaker Dr. Jo Beld, Professor of Political Science and Director of Evaluation and Assessment, St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN.  Presentations were also given by leaders from UA programs that have demonstrated exceptional progress in program assessment.  
  • Showcase 2011: The Office of the Provost and the Assessment Coordinating Council (ACC) hosted the the annual UA Assessment Showcase on April 5, 2011.  The theme was “Closing the Loop:  Using Assessment to Improve Your Program”.   Dr. Vic Borden, Vice President, Institutional Research and Reporting at Indiana University, was the keynote speaker.  Dr. Borden provided practical advice on how to use assessment results for program improvement.   The Showcase  also featured presentations of assessment work that is ongoing at the UA.
  • Showcase 2010: The Office of the Provost and the Assessment Coordinating Council (ACC) hosted  an Assessment Showcase on April 8, 2010.  The Showcase featured best practices in program assessment here at the University of Arizona. Academic and support programs that have demonstrated progress in assessing student learning were formally recognized. 
  • Showcase 2009: The 2009 Assessment Showcase was held on February 11, 2009. Dr. Victor Borden, Associate Vice President, University Planning, Institutional Research and Accountability at Indiana University-Bloomington was the keynote speaker.