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Judaic Studies Graduate Certificate


The Judaic Studies Graduate Certificate is a stand-alone Certificate Program within The Arizona Center for Judaic Studies.  Graduate Certificate Program students may be enrolled concurrently in a graduate degree program in another department, but they are not required to do so.

Graduate certificates are designed to enhance the education of graduate or professional students or to provide continuing education to professionals.  They are not the equivalent of Masters degrees.  However, it may be possible to transfer some graduate certificate credits to a Masters program at The University of Arizona or elsewhere.

The Graduate Certificate Program has three foci:  History and Culture of Ancient Israel; Modern Jewish History and Culture; and Gender and Jewish Studies.  Students may elect to focus on one of these fields or they may create a combination of courses that will serve as the basis for a broad synthesis within the field of Judaic Studies.

Expected Learning Outcomes: 

Knowledge beyond the baccalaureate level about Jewish Culture in its various dimensions.

An ability to understand sophisticated research approaches within Judaic Studies, to manage their complexity and to be aware of their epistemological evolution.

Preparation for more advanced graduate work, in which students will explore Judaic Studies issues in their masters theses and doctoral dissertations at The University of Arizona or elsewhere.

Contextualize the discipline of Judaic Studies, notably in conjunction with contemporary ethnic, religious and diversity issues.

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