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English - Shared Program

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The English program at the University of Arizona South offers instruction in literature, language, and creative writing. Our curriculum is designed to acquaint students with a wide-range of literature from diverse cultures and historical periods. Such diversity and historical awareness produce students who are not only more engaged in their own historical and cultural moment but also better equipped to succeed in the increasingly international climate of the twenty-first century. Students also receive rigorous training in the formal analysis of language, in the methodologies of academic research, and in writing and critical thinking. These skills give students with a degree in English a distinct edge when pursuing careers in such diverse fields as education, law, diplomacy, policy-making, the creative arts, and business. In addition, the UA South's small campus atmosphere offers students the advantage of individualized instruction while also providing access to the resources of one of the top-ranked research universities in the nation.


Expected Learning Outcomes: 

As a Shared Program, the Program uses the same Expected Learning Outcomes as the Main Campus Program. The faculty is consulting with the Main Campus Program to ensure that UAS's Learning Outcomes are aligned. The program director for English has been communicating with Main Campus colleagues regularly regarding alignment of the programs. Information on the Main Campus program can be found at

Notice from the program director:

 The English Department’s undergraduate student learning outcomes have been integrated into the English program's courses at the UA South. I have consulted with all English adjuncts at UA South, provided them with the English Department’s rubrics and asked that they incorporate the learning outcomes into their syllabi, offered suggestions, and discussed assessing these outcomes through the standard measuring tools in the course (i.e., written assignments, exams, and quizzes). Syllabi for all of the required courses and electives offered at this time, to the best of my knowledge, reflect these integrations. At present assessment is taking place through the assessment of written assignments, exams, and quizzes at the course level. As director of the English program, I have maintained an awareness of the English Department’s current outcomes, assessments, and findings. I’ve incorporated their current goals into my own syllabi and advised all of the adjuncts in English to do the same. I continue to discuss possible assessment strategies with UA South's administration. To that end, I have even joined a subcommittee of the University Wide General Education Committee, called Tools and Assessments. No plan for assessment for English at the degree level has yet been approved at UA South, thus far, though I have been in very generative conversation with the UA South's administration about possible strategies, in Faculty Forum and at Program Directors' meetings. 

Updated date: Mon, 07/02/2018 - 17:07