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Bachelor of General Studies


Students in the BGS degree receive a broad-based multidisciplinary education. The structure of the curriculum is three-tiered, with General Education as the first tier, a base cluster of three concentrations as the second tier, and the focus  cluster as the third. The base and focus clusters of courses are chosen from a set of focus areas with individual expected outcomes and approved courses from across the University.

Expected Learning Outcomes: 

General Studies Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program requirements for the BGS degree will be able to demonstrate success in meeting the following learning outcomes:

  1. Effectively analyze and synthesize the relationship between multiple disciplines of study.
  2. Identify and recognize cultural differences and the impact of an educated citizen and responsible member in global society.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate ideas using a variety of different media (oral, written, visual) and basic information technologies.
  4. Develop and identify the academic preparation, opportunities, and potential contributions to careers in their major field.


Bachelor of General Studies (Majors)

In addition, graduates within the individual major will demonstrate success meeting a corresponding learning outcome:


A) Arts, Media and Entertainment (AMENT)

            Analyze the arts and media in social, cultural, technical, and entertainment contexts.


B) Economy and Industry (ECI)

            Describe and apply one or more the basic concepts of commerce and the key            interpersonal skills in workplace relations.


C) Global and Intercultural Understanding (GIU)

            Identify and describing contemporary global problems within their historical, cultural,          and linguistic contexts and the similarities, differences, and interdependencies among      cultures.


D)  Science, Technology, Health and Society (STHS)

            Identify and apply specific knowledge and skills in the STHS disciplines to effectively        solve problems in everyday living.


E) Social Behavior and Human Understanding (SBHU)

            Describe and analyze multiple perspectives on social and cultural change, and assess the      strengths and weaknesses of conflicting points of view.


F) Sports and Society (SPS)

            Identify and describe issues related to cultural, gender, and socio-economic diversity as       reflected in sports and utilizing specific skills in finance and management to sports-     related business problems.


Assessment Activities: 

Indirect Student Assessment: Senior Exit Surveys

Senior exit surveys ask students questions directly related to the overall expected learning outcomes of the BGS degree. All seniors are required to complete the exit survey when registering for the BGS convocation.

LASC 498 Senior Capstone (offered online in 7-week terms)

The Senior Capstone requires students to demonstrates a synthesis of learning accumulated in the major, as articulated by the expected student outcomes. LASC 498 structure and content is driven by the expected learning outcomes for the BGS and the specific themes within the degree.

For example: LASC 498 AMENT asks students to create an eportfolio that summaries their work throughout the completion of the BGS in AMENT.  For each expected learning outcome, students submit one graded assignment and a reflection that they believe best demonstrates their ability to meet that outcome. A final reflection and career portfolio (resume plus goal statement) is also required.

*LASC 498 will be required of all students beginning with the 2017-2018 catalogue

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