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Animal Sciences: Undergraduate Programs


Outcomes for Animal Sciences majors include both general outcomes that apply to all students and unique outcomes associated with each of the four degree options: Animal Industry, Science and Pre-professional, Equine and Race Track Industry Program.

Animal Sciences at The University of Arizona exposes students to a wide variety of subjects important to the study and use of both farm and companion animals in today's society. Undergraduate programs are designed to prepare students to become leaders in agribusiness, academe, or government. Furthermore, the study of animals in recreational and sport activities is an important aspect of our curriculum.

Animals are studied from the cellular and molecular levels to the production systems. The goal of the Bachelor of Science degree program in Animal Sciences is to offer students an opportunity to study animal systems in intellectually stimulating and exciting ways providing an excellent background in both basic and applied aspects of animal agriculture and the necessary tools to respond to rapidly changing technology.

Expected Learning Outcomes: 
In addition to the General Outcomes stated for all College of Agriculture and Life Sciences students, students majoring in Animal Sciences will
  • Possess effective oral and written expression               
  • Demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Understand the economic concepts and utilize the analytic tools used in agribusiness          
Program-specific outcomes for students with an emphasis in the Animal Industry Option
  • Demonstrate the ability to understand and apply the general principles of meat animal selection and production to specific segments of the animal industry.
Program-specific outcomes for students with an emphasis in the Science/Pre-professional Option
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply scientific knowledge and problem solving skills in the areas of animal welfare, food safety and disease as they relate to animal and human health
  • Qualify for entry into professional program of interest  
Program-specific outcomes for students with an emphasis in the Equine Option
  • Possess and demonstrate appropriate problem-solving skills and management integration in the areas of safe and efficient horse handling, equine nutrition and equine reproduction
Program-specific outcomes for students with an emphasis in the Race Track Industry Program Option
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the interactions and relationships among the four sectors of the pari-mutuel industry: customers, horsemen, racetracks and regulators
  • Develop practical experiences and interactions with the pari-mutuel industry, through internships and/or independent study projects


Assessment Activities: 
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