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Dean of Students


As facilitators of community at The University of Arizona, we provide students with a wide variety of opportunities for involvement and development.

We serve as primary link between students, faculty, and administrators and, through our administrative oversight of the units in the Division of Student Life, provide high quality services, activities, and programs for all students.

Underlying all we do is a belief that: By extending the boundaries of the classroom, we will better prepare students for a lifetime of learning.

Expected Learning Outcomes: 

Building Academic Community

The Dean of Students Office will provide faculty and students with the opportunities to connect with each other outside of the classroom.

Judicial Affairs

Students will experience a Code of Conduct process that is administered in a timely and fair manner, includes clear communication, and outlines their rights and responsibilities in the process.

Classroom Learning Environment

The Dean of Students Office will promote a civil and respectful classroom learning environment.

Campus Climate

The Dean of Students Office will regularly identify and assess major issues current students are facing and student satisfaction with administration, faculty, campus services and the social environment.

Assessment Activities: 

Regular or Recurring Activities



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