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Sociology: Undergraduate Programs


The Department offers B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in sociology. The Department’s goals are to provide the best possible undergraduate education in the basics of sociology, and to train and prepare graduate students for successful careers in sociology in both academic and nonacademic research settings. Outcome assessment is an important part of this process.The Department views assessment as an ongoing process that begins when students declare a sociology major or enter the graduate program, and continues after students have acquired their degrees and left the program.

Expected Learning Outcomes: 

General Outcomes

  • Knowledge of contemporary American social organization and stratification along class, ethnic, racial, religious adn gender dimensions.
  • Knowledge of the basic institutions of American society, including family, government, economy and religion.
  • Understanding of the collective process that alter social structure adn institutions.
  • Development of skills sufficient to conduct elementary empirical research and to assess media reports and other sources of information regarding contemporary social issues.
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