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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology: Graduate Programs


The Department offers programs leading to the Master of Science and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees with a major in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. The principal strengths of the graduate degree programs include an active and well-known faculty; a superb location for field research; an outstanding seminar program that regularly brings exciting outside speakers to the Department; and the extensive interaction between students and faculty. Visiting faculty and active postdoctoral associates enrich the graduate program.

The “brand” historically associated with our graduate program is that we develop independent scientists who can lead their own research groups immediately upon graduation. Part of this branding occurs because a large fraction of our students work on topics only indirectly related to that of their advisor. Our students typically develop their own independent project(s), rather than being assigned “components” in a large research program by their major professor. One consequence of this model is that the Department historically has shied away from a general list of required courses, instead offering each student an individualized program of study.

Expected Learning Outcomes: 

Masters Programs

The expectation is that most Masters students will transfer to other programs for their PhD, but in a few cases they matriculate into our PhD program. While Masters programs are often used for work-force development in careers outside of academics, presently EEB largely views the Masters as a bridge to the PhD program, and not as a student’s terminal degree.

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