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Journalism: Undergraduate Programs

Internship Supervisor Surveys

Students are encourated to apply for-credit or paid internships that offer experiential learning in professional media organizations from Tucson to Los Angeles and New York.  They take on professional assignments and get professional critiques of their work. One unit of academic credit is provided for each semester of internship work. The School's internship program is supervised by the faculty internship coordinator, who is in contact with internship directors at news media and other information industries, and who reviews student reports of internship experiences.

UA Journalism School interns work for major news organizations, like The Los Angeles Times and The New York Times, as well as professional development programs like the MetPro Training Program of the Tribune Company, the Dow Jones Editing Program, and the Chips Quinn Program of the Freedom Forum, the largest journalism foundation in the United States. These programs offer students the opportunity to work as reporters, editors, and photographers at news media around the country.

Beginning in fall 2014, the School's internship coordinator surveyed internship supervisors with a questionnaire asking how well the interns' work demonstrates the 11 learning outcomes established by the school and what outcomes need work.  This direct measure helps the School address curricular changes and learning goals and objectives.


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