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Nursing: Undergraduate Programs

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Survey of Employers of Graduates

Administered: Spring semester

Target Population: Known employers of BSN graduates

The survey is sent by mail to employers of BSN graduates to evaluate their performance. The survey asks the employer to rate the graduate on their performance of essential nursing skills. In addition the survey invites employers to discuss area(s) of practice that graduates may have needed more focus in their academic program, and other strengths and weaknesses of graduates. A summary report is written every year and presented to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

Outcomes Measured
·      Demonstrate the values, knowledge and behavior patterns associated with the professional role of a nurse as a provider or a coordinator of care.
·      Use research and scholarship to enhance human health and health care delivery, to assume leadership in addressing health problems affecting client populations, and to advance the discipline of nursing.
·      Apply core nursing knowledge in the areas of: health promotion/disease prevention; illness management; information and health care technologies; ethics; human diversity and global health care; and health care systems and policy in enacting professional nursing roles.
·      Use core competencies of critical thinking, communication, assessment, and technical skills to provide and facilitate nursing care that facilitates the health of human systems in the context of their environment.
·      Synthesize knowledge from general education and professional nursing education and experience as a basis for professional nursing practice.
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