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School of Anthropology


The School of Anthropology is home to a community of internationally recognized anthropologists who study all aspects of human life, from our hominid origins millions of years ago to the vast diversity of populations living in the world today.

The School is composed of five divisions:
(1) applied anthropology/Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology,
(2) archaeology,
(3) biological anthropology,
(4) sociocultural anthropology, and
(5) linguistic anthropology.

BARA is a research unit within the School, with faculty who concentrate on external grants and contracts but who also teach and contribute to the training of our students in applied anthropology. Our divisions are tied together by cross-cutting thematic areas including applied anthropology, ecological and environmental anthropology, evolutionary anthropology, global health disparities, the anthropology of history and social memory, and Southwest land and society.  A developing thematic area is the anthropology of food and nutrition. We have particular faculty strengths in the archaeology of complex societies (including Mediterranean archaeology), Paleolithic and Paleoindian archaeology, Latin American anthropology, medical anthropology, North American archaeology and anthropology, ecological anthropology, applied development studies, and interdisciplinary archaeological science.  

We offer an undergraduate major in Anthropology (B.A. and B.S.), as well as an undergraduate minor. The B.S. degree has concentrations in human biology and archaeological science. At the graduate level we offer an M.A. and a Ph.D. program, with the latter consistently ranked highly in national rankings.  The M.A. in applied archaeology is a two-year program. Graduates of our Ph.D. program are employed as professors at nationally and internationally prominent colleges and universities.  A growing number of our graduates at both the M.A. and Ph.D. levels are employed in applied anthropology settings around the world.  More details about our program are available at:

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