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Geography & Development


Geography is one of the oldest branches of organized knowledge, focusing on the place- and space-based relationships among phenomena and processes in society, the natural environment, and their intersection. The breadth of these concerns makes geography resolutely interdisciplinary, as do its integrative methodologies. The School of Geography & Development (SGD) offers a full range of undergraduate and graduate degrees and has historically pursued a multi-pronged strategy that represent all subfields of geography, including critical human geography, regional and international development, physical geography, human-environment relations, and geographic methodology and technology. The most recent Academic Program Review (2015) provides additional information.

Undergraduate Programs

SGD offers four undergraduate majors: the B.A. and B.S. in Geography, the B.S. in Urban and Regional Development and  and the B.A. in Environmental Studies. All of these majors build on a shared foundation of Tier I General Education courses and a selection of Tier II core courses in human and physical geography. For more details, see Undergraduate Programs.

Graduate Programs

The School of Geography and Development of The University of Arizona offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Arts (M.A.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in geography.  The School also offers a one-year, professional M.S. degree in Geographic Information Systems Technology (MS-GIST) that can be taken online or in person, and a two-year Masters in Development Practice (MDP) degree.   For more details, see Graduate Programs.

Expected Learning Outcomes: 

M.A./Ph.D. Program Student Learning Outcomes

By completing an M.A. or Ph.D. program in SGD, a student will:

1. Demonstrate knowledge of the discipline of geography;

2. Analyze relevant literature in the student’s area of study;

3. Conduct original research on a problem or issue in geography;

4. Communicate and defend research results to a faculty committee and peers.



Assessment Activities: 


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