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History: Undergraduate Programs

Expected Learning Outcomes: 

General Outcomes

  • Study the past as it is recorded, remembered, and interpreted.
  • Challenge personal preconceptions and those of others
  • Write clear, well-documented prose.
  • Conduct historical research, taking advantage of the latest computer facilities in the University's library.
  • Think logically and analytically.
  • Recognize and evaluate competing interpretations.
  • Muster evidence to support an argument.
  • Comprehend what you have read.
  • Excercise a healty skepticism, a respect for evidence as a necessary component of any argument, an appreciation for the many sides of an argument, and a willingness to challenge established "truths" if new evidence calls these into question.
  • Develop an historical imagination through working with primary source materials.
  • Appreciate the "varieties of human experience," that is, the similarities as well as differences that characterize human societies over time.
  • Become a more cosmopolitan and well-informed citizen of the world.
Assessment Activities: 

Regular or Recurring Activities

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