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Near Eastern Studies: Undergraduate Programs

Post-graduation Assessment

The Student Assessment for majors in Near East Eastern Studies will have a component to follow the students after they graduate. A questionnaire will be administrated one year after graduation to assess their view of their education as an NES major at the University of Arizona. This will include questions related to their particular employment or graduate student status, and hence to the relevancy and adequacy of their training. This will be repeated at the third and then the fifth year interval after their graduation (and continued at five year intervals thereafter), not only as an assessment but also to maintain contact with the graduates--and hence alumnae--of the Department of Near Eastern Studies. We also plan to maintain contact with all the graduating NES majors on an annual basis (but not administering the questionnaire every year). These follow-up assessments will be coordinated by the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the Committee on Undergraduate Studies.

Academic Degree Programs: