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School of Government and Public Policy


The mission of the faculty of the School of Government and Public Policy is to conduct disciplinary and applied research at a high level in the disciplines of political science, public policy and public administration.  Through both research and practice, our faculty teach and advise our students, from freshman to doctoral students about the role and importance of politics and public policy in democratic and non-democratics states and how they affect citizens and how citizens in turn can affect a nation’s politics.  We engage in professional outreach through executive education, practical policy advice, and work within our community.

The School offers two undergraduate degrees:  a B.S. degree in Public Administration, and a B.A. degree in Political Science. At the graduate level, we offer an MA and PhD, and we also have a fully accredited Masters in Public Administration (MPA) program. We have placed our PhD students in leading academic research institutions such as Columbia, Duke, Texas A&M, and Iowa, and our MPA graduates are in positions of leadership in the public  non-profit sectors advising governors, managing cities, heading healthcare systems, running nonprofit agencies,  and conducting public policy research for legislatures.

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