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Latin American Studies: Graduate Programs

Track Former Students

Track number of students who continue on for Ph.D. work in other disciplines like History, Political Science, Spanish, etc. at U of A and elsewhere


Over the past six years, about 40% of LAS Master’s students have enrolled in Ph.D. programs within a year or two of graduation (the largest group continuing at the U of A). Of the 16 students receiving their MAs in May 2004, six continue in U of A Ph D programs: 3 in Spanish and 1 each in Anthropology, History and Geography Recent graduates are pursuing careers in law, K-16 teaching, NGOs, Social Service Agencies, government, business and banking A significant number of LAS graduates remain or return to Tucson to study or to work in fields related to education (K-12, Community College, Health), immigration services and cross border commerce One student graduated from the dual degree program with Public Administration in May 2004 and another student will graduate in December 2004 from the dual program with Law. Presently, three students are enrolled in the dual LAS/MPA program and three in the dual LAS/JD program

Academic Degree Programs: