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Master’s in Public Policy

Masters of Public Policy
The MPP is a policy-focused degree program that provides students with the analytical skills necessary to address important regional policy concerns like border security, environmental sustainability and natural resource policy. By focusing on regional policy issues, the program prepares students to lead the way in formative policy analysis that will directly affect their community and state.
Expected Learning Outcomes: 
Outcomes: MPP Students
  1. Apply economic and statistical models to complex public policy problems.
  2. Effectively communicate the results of policy evaluation, formulating recommendations based on data and research analysis.
  3. Understand public policy development at the federal, state and local governmental levels.
  4. Understand and execute public policy implementation.
  5. Collect, analyze and synthesize information to understand and evaluate policy options.
  6. Articulate major organizational and theoretical approaches to public policy.
  7. Understand and articulate governmental financial conditions and limitations.
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