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The Bachelor of Arts in Law
The School of Government and Public Policy (SGPP) and James E. Rogers College of Law (“Arizona Law”) collaboratively offer a Bachelor of Arts in Law—the first and only in the country. The B.A. in Law provides opportunities for interdisciplinary study, marketable double majors, legal internships, and networking in a student’s chosen field of interest. It is the only undergraduate degree where law faculty teach students the subjects typically learned in the first year of law school. In addition, students are taught the skills needed to succeed in those courses. This rigorous foundation in law will benefit both students interested in law school and in law-related careers.
Along with government courses provided by SGPP, law majors take law core courses and electives. Taught by Arizona Law faculty, the core courses provide a practical understanding of fundamental legal subjects—property, contracts, torts, procedure, and constitutional law—and train students to “think like a lawyer.” Electives allow students to focus on areas of potential interest as wide-ranging as human rights law, business law, immigration law, family law, international law, and environmental law.
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