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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology


The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology's unifying theme is biodiversity and diversification (the processes that create and maintain biodiversity).  We study the diversity of life in an intergrative evolutionary framework, considering all levels in the biological hierarchy: genes, cells, organisms, populations, communities and ecosystems.  Our research efforts also include the application of ecological and evolutionary principles in areas such as forensics, medicine and biodiversity conservation.

Undergraduate Degrees

The department offers Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in EEB as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with three concentration options (Organismal, Biomedical Science and Bioinformatics).  Though the degree programs differ in their details, all have biological diversity and diversification as a unifying theme.

Graduate Degrees

The department offers programs leading to the Master of Science and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees with a major in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.  Our graduate program provides training for sudents and fosters excellence in research and academic careers in the study of biological diversity at all levels.


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