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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology: Graduate Programs

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Student Attitudes Survey

Administered: 2009

Target Population: graudate students

Data: Attained through deparmental Annual Program Review.



  1. What are the major strengths and weaknesses of the department?
  2. Evaluate the performance of your advisor as a mentor. Please mention briefly his/her strengths and weaknesses. Do you have adequate access to your advisor?
  3. a. Please describe the effectiveness of your graduate committee. Do you have adequate access to members of your committee? b. Please evaluate the guidance you have received from faculty outside of your committee and advisor. Do you have adequate access to faculty? How might interactions with faculty generally be improved or extended?
  4. Are the graduate courses being taught in EEB adequate? Should there be more formal lecture courses? Seminar courses? Lab or field courses? If so, please list topics.
  5. Please evaluate the Ecology and Evolutionary core courses. Did you take the core courses? If not, why not?
  6. Do you think you are getting what you need to be competitive in the workplace after graduation? Please explain. What aspects of the EEB graduate program most inhibits your progress to complete your degree? What aspects of the EEB graduate program most facilitates your progress to complete your degree?
  7. Please discuss how the following areas effect your graduate career. a. Teaching; b. Space, facilities, and equipment; c. Monday and Tuesday seminar; d. Availability of department research and travel funds; e. Interactions with students and faculty outside of EEB.
  8. Training: Please evaluate your needs in the following areas: quantitative and statistical methods, molecular laboratory techniques, other laboratory techniques, computational methods, theory, field research methods, scientific writing, scientific speaking and presentations, and other (please specify). How effective is the Department in meeting your needs?
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