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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology: Undergraduate Programs

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Research or Capstone Experience Evaluation

All Bachelor of Science EEB majors are required to complete some manner of capstone experience (directed research, independent study or internship). In collaboration with the EEB Undergraduate Task Force, we will generate a brief set of guidelines for the student and faculty advisor. Students will be required to submit a paper detailing their experiences and the expected benefits.  They would also be encouraged to present in our annual departmental undergraduate research poster session.

Data collected on our undergraduates' research and/or capstone experiences can be used to improve our program:

  1. Standardized requirements of research/capstone experiences can be implemented to ensure that expected skill outcomes are an intergrated. Specifically, analysis of data collected will look to see if students are thinking critically, are able to formulate hypothesis, evaluate experimental data and scientific literature, and effectively communicate about scientific research.
  2. With permission, student experience papers could be used as a undergraduate recruitment tool.  These detailed reflections could provide additional information to students considering participation in research.

Administered: annually

Implementation Date: Spring 2011

  • Summer 2010- Requirements of paper & implementation plan determined by EEB Undergraduate Task Force
  • Fall 2010- Faculty approval of requirements and implementation.

Target Population: B.S. EEB majors (completing their research/capstone requirement)


  • Spring 2011

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