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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology: Undergraduate Programs

Senior Exit Survey and Interview

While the college already conducts an exit survey, feedback about our students in particular has been limited. We created our new exit survey expanding upon the original survey’s (last updated 2005) questions and design. Modifications were made with the input of EEB faculty as well as from examples from three other UA departments. Administration of the survey online allows for anonymity. The new survey was sent out to all EEB undergraduate majors who have filed (as of January 26, 2010) graduation paperwork for May 2010. Student responses have been on the order of 1/3 of those polled (60). Going forward students will be required to complete the survey before they can file their graduation paperwork.

Another option for collecting exit data would be to conduct individual exit interviews with each graduating senior. While taking more time than a survey it would be more personal and allow the department to collect more qualitative data related to student outcomes and experience.  Also, while there would be standard questions for the interview it could also be more adaptive to student responses. If implemented, the interview could be part of the senior degree check process which is already required in order to graduate.

Both the survey and interview would help assess overall student satisfaction with the department and degree program. With this information improvements and modifications could be made where they are most likely to impact student experience.


Administered: Bi-annually

Last Administered: December 2009

Data Collected from Survey Monkey

EEB Senior Exit Survey Questions 2009-2010

Target Population: Graduating Seniors in EEB & Biology


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